Month: December 2022

Episode 54 – Triangle of Sadness, 1923, Harry and Meghan

A divided house will not stand, but on this podcast we wouldn’t have it any other way! Triangle of Sadness is the beachhead of our disagreement that continues into a new Dutton generation in 1923. We cover some Christmas Netflix fare with a return to Murderville in Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery. There […]

Episode 53 – Criminal Minds – Evolution, The Wonder

We take a look back at how Avraham Avraham is faring in The Calling and look at a counter point to Ancient Apocalypse on YouTube. These apertifs behind us we dig into the mistakes Mark made with Criminal Minds – Evolution. Lastly we talk about fake Irishness and breathing in The Wonder

Episode 52 – Echo 3, The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, Confess, Fletch

A Christmas Special from Marvel! How could this be bad? In this week’s episode we explain the answer to this and many other questions. What do the heroes in Echo 3 have in common with The Unit? Was it worth rebooting the Chevy Chase movies of the novels with Confess, Fletch? We also take a […]

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