Episode 60 – True Lies, Poker face, The Consultant

This week we have a healthy debate about when a sequel is better than the original. Sparked in part by True Lies, the tv show remake of the Arnie Jamie Lee Curtis movie. Christopher Waltz returns to the small screen in Amazon Prime’s The Consultant, showing how playing a Gestapo-esque striahgt shooter works with a […]

Episode 59 – Cocaine Bear, liaison, Hello, Tomorrow!

Reviews galore this week starting with Cocaine Bear – can an animal high on Class-A drugs keep us entertained for 2 hours? liaison asks the question does a show with many languges that includes English count as foreign language TV? We finish off by wondering if buying land on the Moon could be a reality […]

Episode 58 – Everything Everywhere All At Once, Mayfair Witches, The Ark

This week we dig into award glutton Everything Everywhere All At Once. Examine the latest Anne Rice adaptation Mayfair Witches. Lastly we decide whether we would have green lit The Ark. We check in on some ongoing shows Picard Season 3, the latest episodes of Episode 57 – M3gan, Wolf Pack, Physical: 100, Copenhagen Cowboy“>Physical:100, […]

Episode 57 – M3gan, Wolf Pack, Physical: 100, Copenhagen Cowboy

Today we answer the question – what happens when you don’t podcast for a couple weeks? The answer is a show filled to bursting with advice on what you should and shouldn’t watch! We kick off with M3gan contrasting it with everything from Terminator to Chucky! Is the best solution to a werefolw problem a […]

Episode 56 – The Last of Us, The Banshees of Inisherrin, The Rig

Mike swore he wouldn’t like The Banshees of Inisherrin, does he keep his promise? What do you get if you mix Schitt’s Creek, Line of Duty and Game of Thrones? The Rig! Lastly, pun intended we take a look at The Last of Us. Next week we counter the Banshees with Enys Men and the […]

Episode 55 – Violent Night, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, The Traitors (UK), The Witcher: Blood Origin

Mike takes it upon himself to educate us all on classic movies that we definitely should watch, starting with a lot of sweaty men (like his Saturday nights) in Das Boot and finishing with a 45 minute wedding in Deer Hunter. That was quite enough cinema history however so after short dips back into 1923 […]

Episode 54 – Triangle of Sadness, 1923, Harry and Meghan

A divided house will not stand, but on this podcast we wouldn’t have it any other way! Triangle of Sadness is the beachhead of our disagreement that continues into a new Dutton generation in 1923. We cover some Christmas Netflix fare with a return to Murderville in Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery. There […]

Episode 53 – Criminal Minds – Evolution, The Wonder

We take a look back at how Avraham Avraham is faring in The Calling and look at a counter point to Ancient Apocalypse on YouTube. These apertifs behind us we dig into the mistakes Mark made with Criminal Minds – Evolution. Lastly we talk about fake Irishness and breathing in The Wonder

Episode 52 – Echo 3, The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, Confess, Fletch

A Christmas Special from Marvel! How could this be bad? In this week’s episode we explain the answer to this and many other questions. What do the heroes in Echo 3 have in common with The Unit? Was it worth rebooting the Chevy Chase movies of the novels with Confess, Fletch? We also take a […]

Episode 51 – 1899, Welcome to Chippendales

It might seem like we hadn’t very much to talk about this week, but when you add in reviews of Ireland’s Fittest Family, The Vow, Fittest on Earth: Next Gen, Arcane and the latest season of The Crown, it fills out a podcast quite nicely! Our marquee reviews expose the unexpected origins of male stripping […]

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