Episode 40 – The Sandman, Prey, The Gray Man

Follow us on twitter @WSIWPod! This week we clasp our hopes and dreams tightly as we review the latest sequel to Predator, a movie responsible for many of our problems in adulthood! Can Prey live up to the magnitude of the 1987 film? Mike trys to create a rule on comic adaptations when we discuss […]

Episode 39 – Thor: Love and Thunder, Black bird, Resident Evil, Ms. Marvel

We are back to break up the long summer days with a helping of Movie and TV reviews! The MCU is tested to its limit this week. First we review Thor: Love and Thunder, featuring a debate on the love triangle involved in having two weapons (not a euphemism). We follow this up with a […]

Episode 35 – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Bridgerton, The Lincoln Lawyer

Whiplash is the only way to describe the feeling of seeing Nicola Coughlan in Derry Girls, then Bridgerton and back again! (Yes, another Derry Girls discussion!) This week we take a look back at season two of everyone’s favorite Netflix period piece, braving frightful damage to our reputations! There’s no Matthew McConaughey in this reboot […]

Episode 33 – The Man Who Fell To Earth, Anatomy of a Scandal, Tokyo Vice

The crew might be a couple weeks behind the internet furor on Anatomy of a Scandal, but have our own hot take on what this tale of infidelity reveals about us humans. Mike struggles to enjoy a tv show called The Man Who Fell To Earth when we find out so quickly how he arrived. […]

Episode 30 – Welcome to Flatch, WeCrashed, DMZ, Windfall

We start with the heaviest boxing match in history and move on to some heavyweight TV and Film reviews! Netflix stages a play for our viewing pleasure in Windfall. The mockumentary style makes a return in Welcome to Flatch and Jared Leto does a Tom Hiddleston impersonation in WeCrashed. The show reminds us of The […]

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