Month: February 2022

Episode 27 – Uncharted, Murderville, Severance

Video Games and Movies collide once more as we have a similar discussion to the Tom Cruise “at least this tall to be Reacher” debate from Episode 25 . The topic this week being is Tom Holland beefy enough to play Nathan Drake in Uncharted! Mike’s jealousy of people with friends rears its head again […]

Episode 26 – Death on the Nile, Bel-Air, Inventing Anna

Catching up with the crew, Mike adds his reviewing weight to last week’s Reacher discussion. We take a look at what might have been if the Fresh Prince was a drama rather than a sit-com, which it is in Bel-Air from Peacock. Hercule Poirot returns as the mustachioed Kenneth Brannage for Death on the Nile. […]

Episode 25 – Moonfall, The Tinder Swindler, Reacher, Pam and Tommy

A mixed bag this week from fast paced Sci-Fi action in Moonfall to a sex tape origin story in Pam and Tommy, from Disney+ of all people! We spend quite a bit of time discussing the reboot on Amazon Prime of Reacher, replacing Tom Cruise, who played the titular hero in the movies, with Alan […]

Episode 24 – Astrid & Lilly Save the World, ALL OF US ARE DEAD, Gilded Age

Joe Rogan can’t get a break this week as we discuss his merits versus Neil Young‘s back catalog. Questions we grappled with this week are – How does Buffy the Vampire Slayer compare with Astrid & Lilly Save the World? What can Korea do with a Zombie breakout story set in a high school in […]

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