Month: September 2022

Episode 45 – The Imperfects, reboot, Beast, Quantum Leap

MIke and Steve once again carry the weight of the show this week. Idris Elbow has a row with a lion in Beast. We make lots of 80s jokes in talking about Quantum Leap, a reboot of an old show, then pivot into reviewing Reboot, a show about a reboot of a fictitious show. Its […]

Episode 44 – Last Light, Pantheon, Serpent Queen

Two episodes in one week! Spoiled is what you all are. Mark returns and brings with him Dr. Jack Shepard from Lost, only this time he is pretending to be someone else entirely in gasline-apocalypse Last Light. We take a look at Serpent Queen and how Walking Dead’s Alpha copes just wearing her own face […]

Episode 43 – The Patient, Mo , The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

Lots to discuss this week as we return to Middle Earth for the Lord of the Rings: the Rings of Power. How hard is it to cure someone of serial killeritis? Steve Carell has a go in The Patient. Last we review the hard knocks of an imigrant working in the US with Mo

Episode 42 – The Samaritan, Kleo, Mike, Suriel Hess

Flying as a duo this week Steve and Mark forge ahead without Mike. Making it the perfect time to talk about the Tyson biopic “Mike“, right? Steve shares his love of talented musicians in featured Youtube artist Surial Hess. Mark manages to squeeze yet another superhero into the show, this time featuring Sylvester Stallone as […]

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