Year: 2022

Episode 54 – Triangle of Sadness, 1923, Harry and Meghan

A divided house will not stand, but on this podcast we wouldn’t have it any other way! Triangle of Sadness is the beachhead of our disagreement that continues into a new Dutton generation in 1923. We cover some Christmas Netflix fare with a return to Murderville in Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery. There […]

Episode 53 – Criminal Minds – Evolution, The Wonder

We take a look back at how Avraham Avraham is faring in The Calling and look at a counter point to Ancient Apocalypse on YouTube. These apertifs behind us we dig into the mistakes Mark made with Criminal Minds – Evolution. Lastly we talk about fake Irishness and breathing in The Wonder

Episode 52 – Echo 3, The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, Confess, Fletch

A Christmas Special from Marvel! How could this be bad? In this week’s episode we explain the answer to this and many other questions. What do the heroes in Echo 3 have in common with The Unit? Was it worth rebooting the Chevy Chase movies of the novels with Confess, Fletch? We also take a […]

Episode 51 – 1899, Welcome to Chippendales

It might seem like we hadn’t very much to talk about this week, but when you add in reviews of Ireland’s Fittest Family, The Vow, Fittest on Earth: Next Gen, Arcane and the latest season of The Crown, it fills out a podcast quite nicely! Our marquee reviews expose the unexpected origins of male stripping […]

Episode 50 – Ancient Apocalypse , Barbarian, The Calling

This week we tackle how teenagers are likley to deal with pre-history when we discuss Netflix‘s Ancient Apocalypse. Mark drags us kicking and screaming back to La Brea to discuss Season 2. Steve gets a shock in Barbarian, due to a distinct lack of Conans. Lastly we talk about what separates The Calling from The […]

Episode 49 – All Quiet on the Western Front, Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, SAS Rogue Heroes

This week the team ably demonstrates why you should never bring your feelings to a podcast! Opening arguments center around the reality or lack in Superman & Lois season 2 final, but degenerates from there to pull in SAS Rogue Heroes. All Quiet on the Western Front fractures the team centering on the quesion is […]

Episode 48 – The Peripheral, The Watcher, The Playlist

Mark delights the crew with seamless segueways this week as the team begins with where it all went wrong on The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Our original review in Episode 43 was mixed, but has time aligned our opinions any further? We dig into Amazon Prime’s new top show The Peripheral […]

Episode 47 – Reginald the Vampire, Werewolf by Night, Walker: Independence

Chuck Norris gets a mention this week though somewhat removed. We look at Walker: Independence, the prequel to the reboot of the Texas Ranger. Reginald the Vampire shines a light (not sunlight obviously) on fat shaming in the undead community. Marvel puts out the halloween special nobody asked for in Werewolf by Night, that takes […]

Episode 46 – The Imperfects, Vampire Academy, Dahmer

Mark’s current affairs knowledge is back under the spotlight this week as we try to decide if Netflix’s Dahmer falls under the “history” category. The latest supernatural YA tv, Vampire Academy, brings up a lot of our age issues. The Imperfects divides the camp and leads to a discussion about the ethics of gene splicing! […]

Episode 45 – The Imperfects, reboot, Beast, Quantum Leap

MIke and Steve once again carry the weight of the show this week. Idris Elbow has a row with a lion in Beast. We make lots of 80s jokes in talking about Quantum Leap, a reboot of an old show, then pivot into reviewing Reboot, a show about a reboot of a fictitious show. Its […]

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