Month: November 2022

Episode 51 – 1899, Welcome to Chippendales

It might seem like we hadn’t very much to talk about this week, but when you add in reviews of Ireland’s Fittest Family, The Vow, Fittest on Earth: Next Gen, Arcane and the latest season of The Crown, it fills out a podcast quite nicely! Our marquee reviews expose the unexpected origins of male stripping […]

Episode 50 – Ancient Apocalypse , Barbarian, The Calling

This week we tackle how teenagers are likley to deal with pre-history when we discuss Netflix‘s Ancient Apocalypse. Mark drags us kicking and screaming back to La Brea to discuss Season 2. Steve gets a shock in Barbarian, due to a distinct lack of Conans. Lastly we talk about what separates The Calling from The […]

Episode 49 – All Quiet on the Western Front, Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, SAS Rogue Heroes

This week the team ably demonstrates why you should never bring your feelings to a podcast! Opening arguments center around the reality or lack in Superman & Lois season 2 final, but degenerates from there to pull in SAS Rogue Heroes. All Quiet on the Western Front fractures the team centering on the quesion is […]

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