Month: October 2022

Episode 48 – The Peripheral, The Watcher, The Playlist

Mark delights the crew with seamless segueways this week as the team begins with where it all went wrong on The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Our original review in Episode 43 was mixed, but has time aligned our opinions any further? We dig into Amazon Prime’s new top show The Peripheral […]

Episode 47 – Reginald the Vampire, Werewolf by Night, Walker: Independence

Chuck Norris gets a mention this week though somewhat removed. We look at Walker: Independence, the prequel to the reboot of the Texas Ranger. Reginald the Vampire shines a light (not sunlight obviously) on fat shaming in the undead community. Marvel puts out the halloween special nobody asked for in Werewolf by Night, that takes […]

Episode 46 – The Imperfects, Vampire Academy, Dahmer

Mark’s current affairs knowledge is back under the spotlight this week as we try to decide if Netflix’s Dahmer falls under the “history” category. The latest supernatural YA tv, Vampire Academy, brings up a lot of our age issues. The Imperfects divides the camp and leads to a discussion about the ethics of gene splicing! […]

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