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Episode 59 – Cocaine Bear, liaison, Hello, Tomorrow!

Reviews galore this week starting with Cocaine Bear – can an animal high on Class-A drugs keep us entertained for 2 hours? liaison asks the question does a show with many languges that includes English count as foreign language TV? We finish off by wondering if buying land on the Moon could be a reality […]

Episode 55 – Violent Night, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, The Traitors (UK), The Witcher: Blood Origin

Mike takes it upon himself to educate us all on classic movies that we definitely should watch, starting with a lot of sweaty men (like his Saturday nights) in Das Boot and finishing with a 45 minute wedding in Deer Hunter. That was quite enough cinema history however so after short dips back into 1923 […]

Episode 54 – Triangle of Sadness, 1923, Harry and Meghan

A divided house will not stand, but on this podcast we wouldn’t have it any other way! Triangle of Sadness is the beachhead of our disagreement that continues into a new Dutton generation in 1923. We cover some Christmas Netflix fare with a return to Murderville in Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery. There […]

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