Month: November 2021

Episode 18 – Wheel of Time, The Card Counter, Hellbound

This week The Card Counter bamboozles the team, are we at the mercy of false advertising? Mark’s excitement peaks as we finally review the Amazon Prime production Wheel of Time, with Mike coming in a close second for Rosamund Pike. We return to Korea for the first time since Squid Game in Episode 15, this […]

Episode 17 – Eternals, Inside Job, La Brea

Episode 17 is upon us and we tackle the Eternals, filled with hope that this ensemble will merge Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead with the MCU and create an emergence of quality cinema! After barely shedding the dust from Shang Chi, Eternals might have their work cut out. Conspiracies abound on Netflix‘s Inside […]

Episode 16 – Dune, Oats Studios, Invasion

Laid low for two weeks by the great plague of our time, the team return hale and hearty. Mark still seems to have a sore spot about pronunciation from the great Vigil debate in Episode 11, that rears its head once more in discussing Dune (Dew-n or June people, pick a side!). We debate the […]

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