Who are we?

We are a collection of (usually comedically disgruntled) media addicts from various counties in Ireland. There are three of us podcasting each week on all kinds of media we find around the internet. Sometimes we bring you a must-watch tv show or youtube channel. Other times we take the hit for our listeners and explain why you shouldn’t waste your life on a bad Movie (like we did).

I like Super Heroes, Comics, Games and explosions. I try and avoid movies that make me feel things apart from Fear, Rage and Virtuous-Revenge, but generally I will watch anything and be consumed with regret for all of my life choices when a Drama brings on the waterworks.


I like to represent the TV and Films you might have missed – foreign language films, indie releases and TV without the marketing budget of the heavy hitters on big cable networks. I am caught in a never ending struggle to bring some culture to my fellow podcasters. Though possibly doomed to failure I will continue to raise the brow of the show so our listeners don’t miss out on great content, even if Tom Cruise isn’t in it.


I like to watch B movies, regularly delighting in their shortcomings and recommending them to an unwitting (willing?) public. I also enjoy watching TV and Movies containing a cast of pretty girls, for…..you know…reasons. Need a guilty pleasure? I have your back

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