Episode 25 – Moonfall, The Tinder Swindler, Reacher, Pam and Tommy

A mixed bag this week from fast paced Sci-Fi action in Moonfall to a sex tape origin story in Pam and Tommy, from Disney+ of all people! We spend quite a bit of time discussing the reboot on Amazon Prime of Reacher, replacing Tom Cruise, who played the titular hero in the movies, with Alan […]

Episode 24 – Astrid & Lilly Save the World, ALL OF US ARE DEAD, Gilded Age

Joe Rogan can’t get a break this week as we discuss his merits versus Neil Young‘s back catalog. Questions we grappled with this week are – How does Buffy the Vampire Slayer compare with Astrid & Lilly Save the World? What can Korea do with a Zombie breakout story set in a high school in […]

Episode 23 – Belfast, Archive 81, Somebody Somewhere

Will Belfast, Kenneth Brannagh‘s love letter to his childhood, attract the same appreciation from the podcast crew as it does from the Oscar pundits? Somebody Somewhere has Mark and Steve trying to untangle some confused feelings (about the tv show – this isn’t Hollyoaks). Mike brings the team into the found footage horror genre with […]

Episode 22 – The Kings Man, How i fell in love with a GANGSTER, Peacemaker

Another bumper episode this week as we tear through a long list of TV and Film hanging over from our break. As promised we review John Cena revisiting his Suicide Squad character Peacemaker from HBO Max. Steve brings us to Poland for the story of Nikodem “Nikos” Skotarczak in Netflix biopic How i fell in […]

Episode 21 – Spider-Man: No Way Home, Book of Boba Fett, Matrix: Resurrections, Don’t look up!

Some folks take a break over the holiday season, not the WSIW crew! We have a bumper episode covering a whole host of TV and Film to let you know the best things to watch to kill any January Blues! On the slate this week are Spider-Man: No Way Home, Book of Boba Fett, Matrix: […]

Episode 20 – Single All The Way, Super Crooks, The Power of the Dog, Santa Inc

There’s a lot of talk this week about Oscar nominations and even more about whether they really matter anymore! Single All The Way might not be in that category, but brings festive cheer and a couple Grinches to the show. Benedict Cumberbatch unleashes his best New Zealand Cowboy in The Power of the Dog and […]

Episode 19 – Hawkeye, Immoral Compass, True Story

The MCU is back on Disney+ and our podcast! We discuss if Hawkeye hits the mark (get it!) or if the aging somewhat-super hero should have stayed in retirement. Immoral Compass tests the depravity tolerance of the crew, but is it good?. In True Story, Kevin Hart plays someone very like himself along with poor […]

Episode 18 – Wheel of Time, The Card Counter, Hellbound

This week The Card Counter bamboozles the team, are we at the mercy of false advertising? Mark’s excitement peaks as we finally review the Amazon Prime production Wheel of Time, with Mike coming in a close second for Rosamund Pike. We return to Korea for the first time since Squid Game in Episode 15, this […]

Episode 17 – Eternals, Inside Job, La Brea

Episode 17 is upon us and we tackle the Eternals, filled with hope that this ensemble will merge Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead with the MCU and create an emergence of quality cinema! After barely shedding the dust from Shang Chi, Eternals might have their work cut out. Conspiracies abound on Netflix‘s Inside […]

Episode 16 – Dune, Oats Studios, Invasion

Laid low for two weeks by the great plague of our time, the team return hale and hearty. Mark still seems to have a sore spot about pronunciation from the great Vigil debate in Episode 11, that rears its head once more in discussing Dune (Dew-n or June people, pick a side!). We debate the […]

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