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Episode 23 – Belfast, Archive 81, Somebody Somewhere

Will Belfast, Kenneth Brannagh‘s love letter to his childhood, attract the same appreciation from the podcast crew as it does from the Oscar pundits? Somebody Somewhere has Mark and Steve trying to untangle some confused feelings (about the tv show – this isn’t Hollyoaks). Mike brings the team into the found footage horror genre with […]

Episode 22 – The Kings Man, How i fell in love with a GANGSTER, Peacemaker

Another bumper episode this week as we tear through a long list of TV and Film hanging over from our break. As promised we review John Cena revisiting his Suicide Squad character Peacemaker from HBO Max. Steve brings us to Poland for the story of Nikodem “Nikos” Skotarczak in Netflix biopic How i fell in […]

Episode 21 – Spider-Man: No Way Home, Book of Boba Fett, Matrix: Resurrections, Don’t look up!

Some folks take a break over the holiday season, not the WSIW crew! We have a bumper episode covering a whole host of TV and Film to let you know the best things to watch to kill any January Blues! On the slate this week are Spider-Man: No Way Home, Book of Boba Fett, Matrix: […]

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