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Netflix Love and Monsters

If you had asked me before watching “Love and Monsters”, my ideal world ending movie was always Zombies; after this movie I am now finding it much harder to choose. Sure, the comfortable familiarity of a shambling undead relentlessly walking toward screaming victims that refuse to 200 pump-shotgun their former best friend in the face has a constant appeal, but its hard to deny the dopamine dump that hits after seeing someone crushed by a giant cockroach.

As the movie begins, our hero Joel finds himself bored with the humdrum of existing in an underground bunker in the post-post-apocalypse. He has reconnected with his high school sweetheart, Aimee, over shortwave radio and begins to plot leaving his relative safety for the certain death of the surface in a last ditch effort to find sweet, sweet love. This is just the kind of hare-brained scheme I can buy into and its potential for catastrophe is exacerbated by Joel’s complete unsuitability for survival. The hooks well attached I strapped in to see what carnage and giant monsters ensued.

What follows is an enjoyable romp through a beautifully imagined armageddascape, that I wish I had seen on the big screen; the monsters themselves look amazing along with the landscapes (thank you Queensland!). Storyline is good, somewhat predictable, but not so badly that it detracted from my enjoyment.

Worth a watch if you are up for an action movie, funny in places with lots of jump scares 7/10.

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